“Every organization is unique and asks for a customized approach.”


“Every organization is unique and asks for a customized approach.”


by miek


Every organization is unique and asks for a customized approach. In our specialty field, HRM, coaching and training are useful tools to address the point of growth and improvement within an organization. Sermone specializes in adapting these tools to the needs of every individual organization; to get the best results.

Movement and improvement are intertwined values for Sermone and therefore, we work with several likeminded companies in our field:

Marjan van Munster (Fair Play at Work) is an experienced ODC coach and trainer. ODC stands for Odin Development Compass. ODC is a tool we use to map out the incentives, the condition of the work environment and points of growth for a team, an organization, and individuals.

Loek Oudeman en Margreet Rierink (Coaching Academy International) founded the Coaching Academy; an institute that trains and educate professional coaches who specialize in development. Together with the Coaching Academy, we develop and execute a master program in Career and Life Coaching.

Sebastiaan Baauw (ProScholis) is head of Proscholis; a network organization that focusses on professionalizing HRM in the educational system. Together with Proscholis, we develop the program ‘Professionalizing strategic HRM’ for HR Managers in the educational system.

Coen Hogerland (Alympus Personeelsadvies) is founder of Alympus Personeelsadvies; an all-round P&O service organization. Together with Alympus, we facilitate (temporary) HR Professionals for a variety of companies and organizations.