“Sermone” (Latin) means “Conversation”.



“Sermone” (Latin) means “Conversation”.


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Sermone BV is founded by Josée van Hage in 2002. She is a strong believer of the idea that success starts with a healthy environment, development and (personal) growth. She has helped numerous organizations with the strategic development of personal careers and teams, by using HRM tools, coaching and training; a practical, powerful way to achieve the desired measurable results.

Josée van Hage (1963) has her background in the international hotel branch. After graduating as a Master of Arts in Managing Human Resources, Josée worked as a HR manager for several international organizations. In 2002, Josée started as a freelance HR consultant, coach and trainer. Through years of experience and training, she mastered the skill of coaching people in several branches. Josée is registered and certified as a Senior Practitioner at the Dutch Association for Professional Coaching (NOBCO/EMCC). She also is a member of the Dutch Federation for Personnel Management and Organization Development (NVP). As a coach, Josée is accredited to work with the Odin Development Compass (ODC). She is an accredited ODC coach and trained as an Analytical Therapist at the Jungiaans Institute in Nijmegen (NL) and works as a freelance professor at the Institute for Social- and Business Administration (ISBW), the Dutch Administrative Academy, the Coaching Academy International (NL) and Scienta NV in Paramaribo, Suriname.

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Josee van Hage

“Sermone” (Latin) means “Conversation”.

We believe that to communicate and to converse are key elements to grow as a team and as a human being. Our logo, the eye, is a symbol for the importance of a clear vision on personal guidance and development.