“’For personalized career- and life coaching”



“’For personalized career- and life coaching”


by miek

Personal coaching

Personal coaching focusses on personal and professional development of executives, managers and employees. We know that a healthy work environment, learning new things and booking results are key elements when it comes to development and growth. In one-on-one sessions we challenge our clients to continue their personal learning- and development process. We stimulate our clients to make choices based on their own compass and knowledge and to stay true to their own process.

Sermone persoonlijke coaching

Change of behavior and direction in order to realize goals, demands self-reflection and reflection of the current approach. Our coaching strategy helps to unfold a clear view of the current situation and addresses the steps that need to be taken in order to gain improvement in a professional- and personal life.

After the first meeting we will determine what type of coaching is needed to realize the desired goals and to get the best results. This will be done in close consultation with the contracting organization and the person who the coaching is for. We will determine the style and approach and in which direction the development and growth needs to go; we will discuss the desired goals and results, set up a time frame and planning. A mid-term evaluation and reflection are part of the coaching process.

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