“For individual-, professional-, and team related questions about development’


“For individual-, professional-, and team related questions about development’


by miek


Coaching is about development and growth. There will be times in life when things do not go the way you planned for yourself or your career, and when you are not sure what road to take. For yourself, for your team, or both.

Sermone Coaching

It’s too much, too overwhelming, too difficult, too hard, too blurry, too scary, too different from what you know…

What was it again that you expected from life and your career? What made you choose this path, what seemed fun for you when you first started? Who would you wanted to be as a leader? How do you get your team on board when it comes to introducing change of direction? How much energy do you need for your work and for your personal life? What in life is truly important to you? Why does it seem impossible to get more things done in the same amount of time? Is this job the right one for you? Are you sure you are making the right choices in life and for your team? All these questions pop up when you realize it is time to move forward. To develop.

Sermone can help you to find answers to these questions. This is how we do it:

An ODC Analysis (ODC Development Compass) can be useful in the first stages of professional guidance.

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