“First class product, highly effective”



“First class product, highly effective”


by miek

ODC analysis

Awareness of inner motivations, strengths and weaknesses is the key to a successful professional and personal life. Talent can grow and develop – easy and sustainable – through the right training and coaching.

The ODC analysis is the number 1 tool to determine the right time and place for interventions. The ODC analysis is a lauded and accredit assessment tool with extraordinary results.

The ODC analysis:

  • gives a clear perspective on the difference between behavior driven by nature or nurture;
  • gives a clear view on what personal qualities are considered to be a natural strength, what qualities can be easily developed by coaching and training and what qualities are considered to be hardest to develop
  • helps putting together successful teams based on true natural strengths
  • points out underlying motivations
  • predicts functional and dysfunctional behavior under large amounts of stress

The ODC analysis can be useful at the start of an individual- or team coaching process. It can also be an insightful tool as a part of the selection process and development of strategic HR management.

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