“From strategy to reality”



“From strategy to reality”


by miek

Human Resource Management

The key to a successful organization are the people who work for it. Their growth and professionalization demands time and effort; from the person himself as from his guiding superiors. Assessment interviews and personal attention are great tools, but aren’t always sufficient to truly get the best out of people – and therefore the company. Aiming for development and growth on a personal and professional level, is a continuous process that demands more attention and effort than managers often can provide, given the pressure of their jobs. A clear HR strategy and practical tools can help to make a world of difference.

Sermone HRM

The HR Development Scan helps to map out the current situation; the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Together we will determine how to improve the current situation and what needs to be done to implement a more healthy and productive work environment. We will set out a clear and detailed HR strategy, fitting the direction of development of your organization. We help to change and improve structures throughout entire companies and organizations, as for smaller projects and divisions.

We are specialized in developing a customized approach for every part of HR Management:

  • Information and Communication
  • Autonomy and Motivation
  • Leadership and Management
  • Education and Development
  • Validation and Rewards
  • Performance Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Selection, Introduction and Recruitment

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